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Hometown Guardians is an American Made clothing company owned & operated by veteran police officers. We design and sell our own line of off-duty clothing and morale gear. Our entire clothing line is 100% Made in the USA – by Americans and for Americans. We also offer custom apparel design and morale gear for law enforcement agencies, specialized units, charities and private organizations including T-shirts, hats, patches, challenge coins, pins and more. For more information on custom apparel design visit our custom apparel section of our site.

Hometown Guardians was founded in 2015 by veteran South Florida police sergeant Rob Janzer in the wake of the growing number of murders and attacks on police officers, and the widely publicized anti-police hate groups that promoted violence against officers. Two years since our beginning, we’ve grown from a small company, which only sold a few decals and patches to a major clothing brand with countless products. Since 2015 we’ve received orders from LEOs in all 50 states, six foreign countries, and several territories around the globe.

In 2017 we launched our Loyalty Rewards Club as a thank you to our returning customers. The program is free to join, with no fees or charges. It allows customers to earn loyalty points from each purchase they make. The loyalty points accrue with each purchase, and can be used toward purchases on future Hometown Guardians products. Loyalty Rewards Club members are entered into our monthly prize drawings. They also receive announcements on upcoming sales, coupons, new product announcements, points for referrals and a personal invitations to our events across the country. For more information and to sign up for our Guardian Club click here.

In 2018 we launched our Brand Ambassador program, which has numerous benefits for officers and their families, who love our products and share our passion in promoting public support for law enforcement. For more information on our Brand Ambassador program and all of the benefits associated with it, message us or email us at sales@hometownguardians.com.

Our mission is to promote public support for our police officers from the communities in which they protect and serve. Through the support of our community, we will honor fallen officers by offering aid to the families they left behind. With the support of our community, we will send a message to police officers everywhere that we’ve got their back.

With the support of our community, we will send a message to the anti-police groups, who rally against our officers and plot to harm them. That message is simple, we are still a nation of law-abiding citizens, who support our police and the difficult job they have. Our police have a just cause in their duty; their actions are courageous; their resolve is strong, and their people are honorable.

*** Charities We Support ***

Each year we donate a great deal of our products to law enforcement organizations and charities including Concerns of Police Survivors; the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund; Fraternal Order of Police; and countless more for their fundraising efforts. We also donate a portion of the proceeds from our product sales to these law enforcement charities, as well as the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer research.

“We are dedicated to all the men and women, who place their lives on the line every day to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We honor those who have paid the ultimate price, while serving their hometowns and their country. Godspeed.”

– Sgt. Rob Janzer
Owner & Operator,
Hometown Guardians